Credit Report Dispute Alerts

When the status of a customer's credit report dispute is updated by the bureau, the customer receives a Credit report status change alert, described below, and your webhook listener receives the same object as a webhook.

Credit report dispute status change

  "service": "alerts",
  "event": "push",
  "method": "push",
  "details": {
    "alertDetails": {
      "disputeStatus": "Completion",
      "disputeKey": "1235-234-234-654"
    "alertId": 51793712,
    "appKey": "9e864007-e5ee-4f51-b44a-2bfe1acb8e89",
    "bureau": "tui",
    "alertType": "DisputeAlert",
    "clientKey": "1q7nWv4CC0Su9b3P8BqAtbnaah7"

The disputeStatus values are:

  • Submission: The dispute has been submitted and is being processed.
  • Completion: The dispute has been resolved.