Public Record Type and Disposition

The CREDIT_PUBLIC_RECORD array (a subproperty of CREDIT_RESPONSE) contains a set of objects that represent the public records that appear on a customer's credit report. Among the properties in a public record object are...

  • The @_Type property describes the record's type: Annulment, BankruptcyChapter11, ChildSupport, and so on.

  • The @_DispositionType describes the status of the record as of the @_DispositionDate: Appealed, Cancelled, Satisfied, and so on.

For example, here we see a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy record that was satisfied on November 20, 2021:

    "@CreditPublicRecordID": "PUBREC001",
    "@BorrowerID": "Borrower01",
    "@_Type": "BankruptcyChapter13", // Public record type
    "@_DispositionType": "Satisfied", // Public record disposition (status)
    "@_DispositionDate": "2021-11-20",

The values that the @_Type and @_DispositionType properties take are described in the following sections. The descriptions are verbatim from the MISMO 2.4 specification.


A public record object also contains a @_AccountOwnershipType property; see Account Ownership Type for a list of values that the property takes.

Public Record Types

AnnulmentA legal decree that states that a marriage was never valid.
AttachmentThe preliminary legal seizure of property to force compliance with a decision which may be obtained in a pending suit.
BankruptcyChapter11Bankruptcy where business assets are kept and creditors are paid according to an approved plan.
BankruptcyChapter12Bankruptcy where a family with regular income keeps their assets and pays creditors according to an approved plan. Usually applies to family farms.
BankruptcyChapter13Bankruptcy where an individual with regular income keeps assets and pays creditors according to an approved plan.
BankruptcyChapter7Bankruptcy where assets are liquidated and the proceeds are distributed to the creditors.
BankruptcyChapter7Involuntaryno description
BankruptcyChapter7Voluntaryno description
BankruptcyTypeUnknownno description
ChildSupportA legal notice specifying payment schedule for support of children involved in a marital separation or divorce.
CollectionA debt has not been paid according to terms and has been turned over to an agency or attorney to collect the debt from the borrower.
CustodyAgreementAn agreement has been made or approved by a court regarding custody of children of a separating or divorcing couple.
DivorceDecreeA legal decree that specifies the terms related to the dissolution of a marriage.
FamilySupportA legal notice specifying payment schedule for support of a family involved in a marital separation or divorce.
FicticiousNameA legal notice announcing the name change of a business or entity.
FinancialCounselingProcess here debtors make payments to creditors according to a plan arranged by a financial counseling agency.
FinancingStatementAlso called a UCC-1 from its form number, a statement that contains information about a security interest in collateral used to secure a debt and that is filed to provide notice to other creditors of the security interest.
ForcibleDetainerAct of keeping goods or property by force. For example, when a tenant remains in a property after an eviction notice.
ForeclosureProcess where a lender forces the sale of property to pay off a mortgage.
GarnishmentCourt ordered method of debt collection in which a portion of a persons salary is deducted and paid to a collector.
JudgmentA final court ruling resolving the key questions in a lawsuit and determining the rights and obligations of the opposing parties.
LawSuitA legal action based on a complaint that the defendant failed to perform a legal duty, resulting in harm to the plaintiff.
LienA legal document filed with a court that can force the sale of property if a debt is not paid.
MechanicsLienA legal claim placed on real estate by someone who is owed money for labor, services or supplies contributed to the property for purposes of improving it.
MedicalLienA legal claim placed on a specific item of property if a medical related debt is not paid.
NonResponsibilityno description
NoticeOfDefaultA legal document filed by a lender that a property owner has missed several payments on their loan.
Otherno description
PublicSalePublic sale is the term used for the sale of lien property after public notice stating the date, time and location of the sale.
RealEstateRecordingA notice of the sale or transfer of real estate property.
RepossessionThe act of recovery of goods or chattels for non-payment or property that has been wrongfully detained.
SpouseSupportA legal notice specifying payment schedule for support of a spouse involved in a marital separation or divorce.
SupportDebtA legal notice specifying payment schedule for support of children or family involved in a marital separation or divorce.
TaxLienCityno description
TaxLienCountyno description
TaxLienFederalno description
TaxLienOtherno description
TaxLienStateno description
TrusteeshipA trusteeship is the appointment of a person who holds title to property for benefit of another.
Unknownno description
UnlawfulDetainerThe act of unlawfully keeping goods or property. For example, a tenant wrongfully remaining in a residence after a valid eviction notice is guilty of an unlawful detainer.

Disposition Types

AdjudicatedCase has been settled by a court.
AppealedApplication has been made to have a case reviewed by a higher court.
CancelledCase has been revoked or annulled.
CompletedTerms of a payment plan or agreement have been fulfilled.
ConvertedBankruptcy has been changed from one type to another, or property has been exchanged for another type of property.
DischargedContract has been canceled or subject has been released from debt.
DismissedCase has been removed from consideration.
DistributedProceeds from a forced sale have been paid to creditors.
FiledA case, action or application has been initiated.
GrantedA request has been agreed to.
InvoluntarilyDischargedContract or debt has been canceled involuntarily.
Nonadjudicatedno description
Otherno description
PaidCase has been discharged or settled by transfer of money or goods.
PaidNotSatisfiedno description
PendingCase is awaiting a decision or settlement.
RealEstateSoldCase was settled by selling of real estate property.
ReleasedContract or debt has been canceled.
RescindedCase has been revoked or annulled.
SatisfiedDeclaration by a party in whose favor a judgment was rendered, that he has been paid and satisfied.
SettledParties to a lawsuit have resolved their differences without a trial.
Unknownno description
UnreleasedContract or debt has not been canceled.
UnsatisfiedSatisfaction notice has not been filed by party in whose favor a judgment was rendered.
VacatedThe case has been declared void, set aside.
VoluntarilyDischargedContract or debt has been canceled voluntarily.
WithdrawnThe case has been removed from consideration by the court.


A public record object also contains a @_AccountOwnershipType property; see Account Data Basics: Account Ownership for a list of values that the property takes.