The QuickView report provides a summary of the customer's full credit report. Some constraints:

  • QuickView is generated by TransUnion; it isn't available for Experian or Equifax reports.

  • The report data is available through the Order a Credit Report API in JSON format, only. It's not provided as a component that you can drop into your application's web page, nor is it available (through the API) in HTML or PDF.

You can emulate the QuickView report by using selected Credit Summary Attributes. See the Emulating QuickView section at the end of this document for more information.

QuickView Properties

  • All values are strings, regardless of the values' native data types.

  • The TotalOpen<Type>Accounts properties are mutually exclusive. For example, while a mortgage is a type of installment loan, it's not counted in theTotalOpenInstallmentAccounts property; it's only counted in the TotalOpenMortgageAccounts property.

  • The sum of the TotalOpen<Type>Accounts values will always equal the OpenAccounts value.

  • The same mutual exclusivity applies to BalanceOpen<Type>Accounts.

AvailableCreditThe cumulative unused portion of the consumer's open accounts in dollars and cents.
UtilizationThe ratio of the cumulative balance across all open accounts to the cumulative credit limit. For example, a utilization of 0 means the consumer carries no balances; .25 means the consumer has used 25% of their cumulative credit limit; 1 means all accounts are maxed out.
OnTimePaymentPercentageThe percentage of accounts (open and closed) that the consumer has always paid on time. The value includes the '%' sign (see the example section).
TotalAccountsThe number of all accounts, whether open or closed.
DateOfOldestTradeThe date that the oldest account was opened in YYYY-MM-DD form. The account needn't be still open.
OpenAccountsThe number of all open accounts.
TotalOpenInstallmentAccountsThe number of open accounts that have a fixed, scheduled payment, such as an auto loan (but not mortgages, as explained in the Notes above).
BalanceOpenInstallmentAccountsThe cumulative balance on all open installment accounts in dollars.
TotalOpenRevolvingAccountsThe number of open accounts that don't have fixed payments, such as credit cards.
BalanceOpenRevolvingAccountsThe cumulative balance on all open revolving accounts in dollars.
TotalOpenMortgageAccountsThe number of open mortgage accounts.
BalanceOpenMortgageAccountsThe cumulative balance on all open mortgages, in dollars.
TotalOpenCollectionAccountsThe number of open accounts that have been placed with a debt collection agency.
BalanceOpenCollectionAccountsThe cumulative balance on all open collection accounts in dollars.
TotalOpenOtherAccountsThe number of open accounts that don't fall into the preceding categories. This includes line of credit accounts, non-revolving credit cards such as American Express, and accounts for which the type isn't known.
BalanceOpenOtherAccountsThe cumulative balance on all other open accounts in dollars.
DelinquentAccountsThe number of accounts with late payments.
DerogatoryAccountsThe number of accounts that are in collection, repossession, or that are 30 or more days past due.
NumberOfInquiriesThe number of hard inquiries into the consumer's credit file over the past 24 months.
TotalPublicRecordsThe number of accounts reported in county, state, and federal court records.


  "quickView": {
    "AvailableCredit": "163074.00",
    "Utilization": ".012",
    "OnTimePaymentPercentage": "100%",
    "TotalAccounts": "21",
    "DateOfOldestTrade": "2003-03-25",
    "OpenAccounts": "8",
    "TotalOpenInstallmentAccounts": "3",
    "BalanceOpenInstallmentAccounts": "96571",
    "TotalOpenCollectionAccounts": "0",
    "BalanceOpenCollectionAccounts": "0",
    "TotalOpenMortgageAccounts": "1",
    "BalanceOpenMortgageAccounts": "2095329",
    "TotalOpenRevolvingAccounts": "3",
    "BalanceOpenRevolvingAccounts": "1926",
    "TotalOpenOtherAccounts": "1",
    "BalanceOpenOtherAccounts": "4754",
    "DelinquentAccounts": "0",
    "DerogatoryAccounts": "0",
    "NumberOfInquiries": "7",
    "TotalPublicRecords": "0"

Emulating QuickView

The table, below, maps the QuickView properties to the Credit Summary Attributes and calculations that provide a reasonable facsimile of the values that TransUnion generates.

QuickView PropertyAttribute @_ID
DateOfOldestTradePT022. Note that the attribute date format is MMYYYY.
TotalOpenOtherAccountsAT02S - (IN02S + RE02S + PT083 + S068A)
BalanceOpenOtherAccountsPT056 - (IN33S + PT132 + PT020 + PT017)