TransUnion Disputes

Prerequisites to start a dispute:

  • User must have completed KBA
  • User must be enrolled in enrollmentCode tui1bDisputes
  • Only the Thomas Friedman test identity is supported

Outline of complete steps (Submitting Dispute)

  1. Create User, Complete KBA, and Order a TUI Credit Report
  2. Enroll in Monitoring with enrollmentCodetui1bDisputes.
  3. Create TransUnion Dispute
  4. Check Dispute Status

Directions (with examples)

  1. For directions on creating users, authenticating, and ordering a credit report please refer to the quick start: Credit Report API Flow
    Note: The report must be no more than 24 hours old to file a dispute.

  2. Enroll in Monitoring with enrollmentCodetui1bDisputes.
    For more details on the Monitoring API please visit the API Reference: Enroll In Monitoring

curl -X "POST" "" \
     -H 'x-credmo-user-token: 660513f0-f2d3-4689-8527-190721316ab5' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' \
     -d $'{
  "clientKey": "2df299c0-cf2a-4c33-97e6-767e0428ff55",
  "enrollmentCode": "tui1bDisputes"
  1. Create TransUnion Dispute: The example below uses disputable items from Thomas Friedman's report (Trade lines, Delete Current Employer, Delete Previous Address, Add Employer).

For more details on the Dispute API please visit the API Reference: Create TransUnion Dispute

Note: Thomas Friedman does not have AKAs or public records to test, so a dispute cannot be filed against those items.
Submit up to 2 (max) claim codes per line item. Find valid claim codes in the 'Disputes Claim Codes' table below.

curl -X "POST" "" \
     -H 'x-credmo-user-token: 660513f0-f2d3-4689-8527-190721316ab5' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' \
     -d $'{
  "reportKey": "78244932-424c-45ec-a261-17ea2de19d9a",
  "clientKey": "2df299c0-cf2a-4c33-97e6-767e0428ff55",
  "lineItems": [
      "handle": "TR01_1765871029_1693027634_73",
      "claimCodes": [
      "comment": "This is a dispute comment."
  "deleteCurrentEmployer": [
      "occupation": "MANAGER",
      "name": "EMPLOYER X",
      "state": "CO",
      "city": "GRAND JUNCTION",
      "zip": "81504"
  "deleteAddress": [
      "address1": "312 OURAY AV",
      "state": "CO",
      "city": "GRAND JUNCTION",
      "zip": "81501"
  "addCurrentEmployer": [
      "name": "Pizza And Wings",
      "occupation": "Pizza QA",
      "zip": "92101",
      "state": "CA",
      "city": "San Diego"
  1. Check TransUnion Dispute Status (this status endpoint returns the status for the most recent dispute. For a full history check the dispute history endpoint: TransUnion Disputes History)

For more details on the Dispute API please visit the API Reference: TransUnion Dispute Status

curl "" \
     -H 'x-credmo-user-token: 660513f0-f2d3-4689-8527-190721316ab5'

Dispute Status Response
The Dispute Status response will return an array of objects containing a number of values related to the disputed items, including the following (result and reason values may not be returned for the Thomas Friedman test account):

  • status: open | complete
  • result: See Result values in the 'Dispute Results' table below
  • reason: See Reason values in the 'Dispute Results' table below

For the full list of returned fields, please refer to the API reference:
TransUnion Dispute Status

Disputes Claim Codes


CodeDescriptionAccuracy or OwnershipRules
A2I have no knowledge of this accountOwnership
A5I have no knowledge of this collection accountOwnership
A4I am not responsible for this account (e.g. belongs to ex-spouse or business account)Ownership
A3This is not my account; it belongs to a relative or person with similar name/addressOwnership
D2This account was opened fraudulentlyOwnership
F1The balance and/or past due are/is incorrectAccuracy
F2The amounts, other than balance and/or past due, are incorrectAccuracy
A9The payment history/rating is incorrectAccuracy
F6The dates on this account are incorrectAccuracy
F5This account is too old to be on my credit reportAccuracy
A7This account is settledAccuracy
E1This account is not a collection or charge-offAccuracy
C2I closed this accountAccuracy
B9This account is closedAccuracy
D3There were fraudulent charges made on this accountAccuracy
B4This account is included in bankruptcyAccuracy
B5This account is not included in bankruptcyAccuracy
B6This account is included in bankruptcy of another personAccuracy
C9Other, provide details in "Additional Comments" field belowAccuracyCannot be used with any other claim code. Consumer claim comment required.
F4The information in the remarks field is missing or incorrectAccuracy
E2I am on active military dutyAccuracy
F3The "Account in Dispute" remark is missing or incorrectAccuracy
C3The payment terms or account type are incorrectAccuracy
C8The creditor agreed to delete this accountAccuracy
C5The contract related to this account has been cancelledAccuracy
E3This account is deferred or in forbearanceAccuracy
B2This account was paid by insuranceAccuracy
C4The credit limit and/or high balance are/is incorrectAccuracy
C1I am a victim of a natural or declared disasterAccuracy
C6This account is involved in litigationAccuracy
C7The creditor agreed to change account informationAccuracy
F7I am not deceasedAccuracy

Public Records

CodeDescriptionAccuracy or OwnershipRules
P3This is not my public recordOwnership
P2This public record is paid, satisfied or releasedAccuracy
P6This public record was dismissed or filed in errorAccuracy
P8The amount is incorrectAccuracy
P8The date(s) is(are) incorrectAccuracy
P7This item never went to judgmentAccuracy
P5This public record contains multiple inaccuraciesAccuracy
P4The bankruptcy chapter, status and/or dates are incorrectAccuracy

Dispute Results

DELETEDThe disputed item(s) was removed from your credit report
DISPUTED INFORMATION UPDATEDA change was made to the item(s) based on your dispute.
INFORMATION UPDATEDA change was made to the item(s) based on your dispute
DISPUTED INFORMATION AND OTHER INFORMATION UPDATEDA change was made to the item(s) based on your dispute and other information has also changed.
REINSERTEDThis previously deleted item(s) has been verified; therefore, it has been added back to your credit report.
VERIFIED AND UPDATEDThe disputed item(s) was verified as belonging to you and information has changed or been updated to reflect recent activity.
VERIFIED AS ACCURATEThe disputed item was verified as accurate.
VERIFIED AS ACCURATE AND UPDATEDThe disputed item(s) was verified as accurate; however, other information has also changed.
INFORMATION UPDATEDIn response to your request, a change was made to this item(s).