Retrieves a set of Boolean properties that correspond to the individual products that are defined by the productCode offer. A property is true if the customer (or potential customer) described in the request body is determined to be a good fit for the product, otherwise it's set to false.

You can retrieve product offers for anyone for whom you have (at least) a first name, last name, and address: The person needn't be a literal "customer" of yours, or signed-up for Array. Given this personal information, the operation does a soft credit report pull and uses the report data to assess the customer's fitness for the products that you offer.

Before you can invoke this operation, you must define and submit, to your Array Client Success technician, the products and "fitness criteria" (minimum credit score, for example) that comprise a productCode. This definition includes the names of the properties that are returned in the response.


This operation may only be called from your server. It can't be called from a customer's device.

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