TransUnion information may not be transmitted by Array to Array clients or third parties, nor may Array clients access, view, share, process, or store TransUnion information.

Retrieving a customer's credit report is a two-step process:

  • First, you submit an order for the report -- that's what this operation is for. To order a report, you must supply the clientKey of an authenticated customer, and a productCode that denotes the type of report you want to order. The productCode the values and definitions are listed later in this overview.

  • If the operation is successful, you'll receive a reportKey token and a displayToken token that you pass to Retrieve a Credit Report which assembles and returns the credit report information in one of a number of different formats -- JSON, XML, HTML, and so on. The tokens are good for one retrieval, only.


In most client agreements, the customer gets a free credit report per billing cycle (or other time allotment). Ordering an additional report within the cycle creates a billing event, but doesn't reset the "free report clock".

Other ways to order a report

This operation orders a report for a single customer. If you want to order credit reports for multiple customers in a single call, see the Order Credit Reports for Multiple Customers operation.

The data that this operation orders is current as of the time that the operation is invoked. If you want to order a report whose data is updated when the report is retrieved, use the Order Virtual Report operation.

Product codes

The values you can pass as the productCode property are listed below. Not all product codes are available to all apps.

quickViewAn abbreviated version of the credit report that contains only essential information.
tui1bReportCredit report from TransUnion.
tui1bScoreCredit score from TransUnion.
tui1bReportScoreCredit report and score from TransUnion.
exp1bScoreCredit Score from Experian.
exp1bReportScoreCredit report and score from Experian.
efx1bScoreCredit score from Equifax.
efx1bReportScoreCredit report and score from Equifax.
credmo3bReportScoreA merge of the reports and scores from all three bureaus.
credmo2bReportScoreTuiEfxA merge of the reports and scores from TransUnion and Equifax.
credmo2bReportScoreTuiExpA merge of the credit reports and scores from TransUnion and Experian.
credmo2bReportScoreEfxExpA merge of the credit reports and scores from Equifax and Experian.
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