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Generates and delivers the credit report that you previously ordered through the Order a Credit Report call.

Report Formats

The report can be generated in a number of different formats: HTML, XML, raw, and so on. It can be delivered in one of two ways:

  • In the body of the response.

  • As an argument to a callback function that's invoked if the report generation is successful (HTTP status 200). To use this delivery method, you must implement a JSONP callback function that takes a single string argument, and pass the name of your function to the onSuccess query parameter.

You specify the desired report format and the delivery method (response body or callback argument) by setting the MIME value of the content-type request header:

FormatBody DeliveryCallback Delivery
XML object. See 1B Credit Report (XML) for an example.application/xmlapplication/xmlp
JSON object. See 1B Credit Report (JSON) for an example.application/jsonapplication/javascript
JSON Quick View object, see 1B Credit Quick View (JSON).application/jsonNone. QuickView is only delivered directly.
The report's native format as defined by the bureau.application/rawapplication/rawp


Raw format applies to single-bureau reports only.

HTML and PDF formats

Although you can request a report in HTML or PDF format by specifying a content-type of text/html or application/pdf (response body delivery, only), it's recommended that you use Retrieve HTML Credit Report or Retrieve PDF Credit Report, instead. This will let you link directly to the report by using the endpoint URL as the value of an href attribute.

Report Data Currency

The currency of the data in the report that this operation retrieves depends on the operation that you used to order the report:

  • If you used Order a Credit Report or Order Credit Reports for Multiple Customers, the data is current as of the time that you ordered the report.

  • If you used Order a Virtual Credit Report the data is current as of the time that the report is retrieved (i.e., when you call this operation).

Asynchronous Response

This operation initiates the process that generates the report and then returns immediately. Often, the report generation will still be in progress when the operation returns. In this case, this operation returns 202 and an empty response body; if you're using callback delivery, your onWaiting function is invoked (with no report data).

If you receive a 202, you should repeat this operation until it successfully delivers a report (200), declares that it is unable to do so (204), or the customer cancels the request (408).

Bureau Errors

If the operation successfully delivers a report, it returns 200; however, that doesn't mean that the report will contain information from all of the requested bureaus. Accompanying the 200 status is a set of headers that describe the individual bureaus' participation in the report. The headers also accompany a 204, in which case no report data is delivered.

The bureau headers are:

x-array-tui-errorThe status of TransUnion's fulfillment.
x-array-exp-errorThe status of Experian's fulfillment.
x-array-efx-errorThe status of Equifax's fulfillment.

Only those headers that correspond to the bureaus that are part of the requested product are included. For example, if you requested the tui1bReport product, you'll only see the x-array-tui-error header. If you ordered credmo3bReportScore, you'll see all three headers.

The values the headers take are:

0The requested data was successfully retrieved.
1001The bureau couldn't find a credit report that matches the information in the User object that represents the customer.
1002The information in the customer's User record differs from the information in the bureau's files to the extent that an accurate match can't be guaranteed. To proceed, the customer will need to re-register with more (or more accurate) information.
1003The bureau couldn't find the latest report file for the customer. This can happen when you order a virtual report, in which case you need to order a real (non-virtual) report, first.
1101A credit report was found, but the report declares that the customer is deceased. To proceed, the customer should make sure that the information in his or her User record is accurate. If the problem persists, the customer will need to file a dispute with the the bureau.
1102A credit report was found, but the bureau is unable to return it for undisclosed reasons. To resolve this impediment, the customer should contact the bureau directly.
1201The bureau was unable to find a credit report that matches the information in the User record. The customer will need to re-register with more accurate information.
1202The customer's User record contains a social security number that's in an unsupported format (such as ITIN). The customer will need to re-register and provide a valid social security number.
2000The bureau experienced an unspecified error while transmitting the report. Try again later.
2001The bureau experienced an unspecified error while transmitting the report. Try again immediately.
2002The bureau experienced an unspecified error while transmitting the report. Wait 24 hours or more and try again.

In order for the report to contain any useful information, at least one of these headers must have a value of 0.

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