Calculates a new credit score by adding a set of "score modifiers" to a customer's credit report. For example, a customer can see what their credit score would be if they were to take out a mortgage or car loan, or if their wages were garnished or an account fell into collections.

To use this operation, you must have already ordered a credit report. It's to this report (represented by the reportKey body property) that the modifiers are applied. The new score is returned in the score response property.

IMPORTANT Score simulation applies to TransUnion and Experian reports only. You can't simulate an Equifax score.

The scoreModifiers objects

You specify the score modifiers that you want to apply by adding properties to the scoreModifiers request object. For example, here we add a new auto loan with a credit limit of $25,000, we declare that at least one of the credit accounts is 30 days past due, and we close the oldest credit card account:

  "newAutoLoanCreditLimit": 25000,
  "daysOneAccountPastDue": 30,
  "closeOldestCreditCard": true

None of this results in any real-world action, of course. Closing a credit card account for the purposes of this simulation doesn't actually close the account.

Score Modifier Lists

The modifier properties are listed below. If a property is omitted it has no effect.

The first table lists modifiers that apply to both TransUnion and Experian:

newAutoLoanCreditLimitintegerThe dollar amount of a new auto loan.
newPersonalLoanCreditLimitintegerThe dollar amoaunt of a new personal loan.
newMortgageCreditLimitintegerThe dollar amount of a new mortgage.
transferCreditBalanceAmountintegerThe dollar amount of a balance transfer.
increaseCreditCardLimitintegerThe dollar amount by which the current credit card limit is increased.
newCreditCardLimitintegerThe dollar amount of the credit card limit.
increaseCreditBalanceintegerThe dollar amount of an increase in the total credit balance.
decreaseCreditBalanceintegerThe dollar amount of an decrease in the total credit balance.
closeOldestCreditCardtrue|falseCloses the oldest credit card account.
addForeClosurePublicRecordtrue|falseAdds a foreclosure to the report. (Note the misspelling of ForeClosure.)
moveAccountToCollectionstrue|falseMoves an existing account into collections.
addWageGarnishmentPublicRecordtrue|falseAdds wage garnishment to the report.
daysOneAccountPastDue30|60|90The number of days at least one of the accounts is past due.
daysAllAccountsPastDue30|60|90The minimum number of days all accounts are past due.

The following properties apply to TransUnion only:

numberOfInquiries[1,10]The number of credit report inquiries.
onTimePaymentMonths[1,24]The number of consecutive months all accounts have been paid on time.
addChildSupportPublicRecord1|0Adds child support to the report. (Note that although that you must pass 1 rather than true)
payOffAllCreditCards1|0Marks all credit card accounts as paid off. (Note that you must pass 1 rather than true)
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